Hi, I’m Ereich Vaughn Empey. In the words of Ted Haigh, I strive to be a cocktail archaeologist. Albeit, I would prefer the name historian. At heart I am just an avid learner. For my other interests and activities, feel free to visit my personal site.

I appreciate old classic cocktails. I appreciate new craft cocktails. Originally, I started this blog because of my interest in the history of material culture. My interests have expanded and focused on the entire ethos of the bar and its corresponding culture.

My interest in cocktails is not limited to the old or to drinks that just taste good, but to the overall characteristics exhibited in bars including their drinks, the bartender, the atmosphere, et cetera.

I look forward and welcome people contacting me. If it is not that obvious, my email address is ereich (at) cocktailmusings.com.

I can also be reached on Facebook.

If you need my mailing address or phone number, please contact me with an email to the above electronic address in order to acquire it.